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TT Premium RIING Software Controlled fans. Product FAIL?


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We have bought in total 5 packs of 3 combo fans and have had nothing but problems. This is a short review of the product line titled TT Premium RIING 12 cm software controlled fans. It doesn't mean it won't work for you - but we feel the product-line is a FAILURE, and several posts on this forum indicate the same thing for multiple users.


1) two (2) USB controlling boxes had to be replaced. They never indicated being alive (fans only run red  and device manager does not pickup that controller). Quality control?


2) one (1) fan had to be replaced as it missed a anti-vibration rubber-foot. Quality control?


3) Software freezes up after everything from minutes to hours. This is a big CAUTION for everyone with watercooling. If fans lockup at high RPM - you'll be fine - except fans sound loud. If however, you lockup at 350-400 RPM - then your righ will go overheated. By the time you find out - your loop will be running water at 60 degrees or more!!!


4) BSOD - Blue Screen of Death. We have linked this directly to the drivers used in the RIIING fans. When no software is installed - everything works fine. When drivers are installed - BSOD will appear 1-4 times per day. 


5) software was and still is not on par with a PREMIUM product. 

- Software is CPU based even though it can collect info on other hardware sensors (GPU). NO possibility to change this.

- Throttling up and down is directly linked to CPU and this creates a very ear-sored experience. There is no delay in throttling up so if CPU hits 60 degrees fans run at 1300 RPM. A few seconds later - CPU hits 30 and fans go down to 350 RPM. This happens continously during load. We have a watercooled loop.

- no setting of RGB in software

- on 4K monitor - numerical values and text is all distorted and overlaps eachother. RPM numericals outside the circle it is supposed to be in.

- Software auto-starts in full mode, which is a flaw - but also good as you may want to minimize the software and ralize it has frozen.


There are many small things that are a nuisance, like skins etc, but overall fact is that product is NOT A PREMIUM product. It feels cheap, does not work as promised and has major flaws in both product performance, design and quality. We bought these products for placing in high-end rigs and have had two customers return their items, as well as our own demo-rig not working properly.


We understand a PLUS version is out in less than a year. We feel cheated as these are so called PREMIUM products.

We have gone through version 1.00 all the way up to 2.1.0 and it is still flawed. It may work for others, but not for us and our customers. Over the several months of testing, we have found different software versions on different Thermaltake pages, seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.


We have obviously been in contact with Thermaltake and received replacement parts, but we have now officially written a letter containing the same information for a RMA to reveive a PLUS RIING if they belive this will sort out the problem, or for a refund. BUT - we have not heard anything from thermaltake.


We have other Thermaltake Premium products, but we feel this is a very, very poor execution of  a product line.


Our rigs have been running:

- I7 6770K 


- 64GB Dominator 3000

. PSU Thermaltake 1250 RGB

- Windows 10 64 bit PRO (tested on both Anniversary and pre-Anniversary build)

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i been testing the software for a few days.

1. the software needs to be running if you want to use it in PWM mode, if the software is not running the fans will run at the speed of the time you turned it off.
so if the computer is turned off with premium fans set at 350rpm. then turn on the computer without turning on the software, the fan will just spin at 350 rpm the whole time and not ramp up if the temps go high


i know this because i was running aida64 and i can see my fans just spinning slow, you can see the difference of 350 rpm vs 900 rpm just by looking at the TT logo on the fan.


2. if you set the software to turn on with startup, durnig boot you will always be greeted by that anoying UAC. (yeah my first world problems)


3. software user interface looks unpolished (attached screenshot)

-blank spots at fan modes

-profile names with underscore lol

-tempature symbols not properly displayed





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