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  1. oh it still doesnt help for hibernate... sorry if my suggestion didnt help. you could try messaging thermaltake and ask if they will update the software. i think they have already abandoned the TT Riing Premium product. and they are focusing on TT Riing PLUS Premium now. sooner they will also abandon that product too
  2. its in the 1st comment what fans im using.. yeah im connected on the same router. can detect anything.
  3. if they would just update their software. i wont follow your suggestions becuase you already did their work for them. let them fix it
  4. 1. PWM work = monitors your cpu temp to adjust fan speed. you cant adjust the fan curve. its fixed 2. no. its just on and off. this is why it sucks balls 3. results are good. but with my temps so low, my fan RPM is so low 330-350 RPM. 4. yes software needs to run to use PWM, if its not running the fan controller cant monitor the temps. i already tested it to be sure.
  5. i regretted it, sold my 3pack TT riing12 premiums already
  6. quick fix is let the software run on startup. permanent fix, they wont update the software
  7. abandonware lol i think they wont update software anymore even if this product is still new. sold my TT premium fans already
  8. yeah im starting to regret buying this already. the work around i did was saved my profile to run the fans at 900rpm or 60% (its still silent so its ok) and turned off the performance, silent, and pwm mode. just lock it at 900rpm. saved and turned off computer. so when i start up my computer the fans really just at 900rpm. i dont need to turn on the bloatware again.
  9. oh. ok so i just installed the dps riing mobile on my iphone. it cant detect my fans lol does my motherboard need to have a wifi card to communicate to my phone? how can my phone and fan communicate with each other? iphone > (wifi) > router > lancable > computer > usb2 > tt premium controller
  10. i been testing the software for a few days. 1. the software needs to be running if you want to use it in PWM mode, if the software is not running the fans will run at the speed of the time you turned it off. so if the computer is turned off with premium fans set at 350rpm. then turn on the computer without turning on the software, the fan will just spin at 350 rpm the whole time and not ramp up if the temps go high i know this because i was running aida64 and i can see my fans just spinning slow, you can see the difference of 350 rpm vs 900 rpm just by looking at the TT logo on the fan. 2. if you set the software to turn on with startup, durnig boot you will always be greeted by that anoying UAC. (yeah my first world problems) 3. software user interface looks unpolished (attached screenshot) -blank spots at fan modes -profile names with underscore lol -tempature symbols not properly displayed
  11. put it on your radiator if you have one. or cpu heatsink if you are using cpu air cooler. my old fans, i replaced it with TT riing rgb premiums already. havent gotten new pics http://imgur.com/NvhXokk
  12. if you dont run the TT controller software the fans will just spin at 400rpm(if its set at PWM+Performance mode). thats why some people has problems with overheating because their fan rpm is not ramping up. i noticed with when doing stress testing and gaming. the whole time my TT ring premium fans are jsut spinning at 350-400rpm the whole time. when run the software, the fans then spins up to 700-1000 to control the temperatute. so i really need to run the software at startup. but its annoying because it triggers the UAC. i cant turn off UAC because its not advisable to turn it off attached pic is how slow the fan rpm is when im at desktop use and when the software is not running. ps. my temp is 33c as seen in the screenshot. when gaming and stresstesting my max temps are only 50-55c (aio is 240mm rad) i5-6600k @4.4ghz 1.35v delidded it. http://imgur.com/7hq7vCe
  13. i just installed this RGB Mobile app to my iphone so that i can control my new TT Riing 12 RGB Premium Fans via phone. but the app doesnt detect the fans. i searched the web and it says that i need to also install on my computer the DPS G PC App 2.4.2 on my computer. i downloaded the installer but it wont install on my computer because i dont have a TT PSU.
  14. followup question i downloaded the itunes app controller = DPS G Riing RGB Mobile App. i dont know how to connect to my computer to control my rgb fans. some site says i still need to download another app to be installed called Thermaltake DPS G PC App 2.4.2
  15. is there gonna be an update to add more features to the software controller? the only effect is blnking, rgb, staticlights, and off. nothing follows.
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