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Riing Plus TT Premium Edition (16.8 Million colors) software help


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I have tried everything to get these to work with Ryzen 5 1600x on a Gigabyte x370 K7 board. I have tried 3 controllers all the recommended hacks etc. I can take a set to an older AMD FX system and it works with no problems. This has to be an issue with the Software on Ryzen boards. 


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I am having similar issues with Riing Floe 240 RGB and the software. When I start the software my fans start going full speed and then my PC crashes. I have had stable OC at 4ghz (from 3.2ghz Ryzen 1600) and can run DOOM at Ultra settings with stable low temps so I know that my system does not NEED to go that fast with the fans. Seems like a software issue to me and as others are saying a "Ryzen-specific" issue.

Hoping to get this solved quickly. Any suggestions? My system says that C++ distro install failed (because I have a newer version of that software already installed so it should be fine?)

Also, I had issues when I plugged in the Riing Floe to my board AIO_pump header so I kept it on CPU_FAN and it works fine (minus lights software issue). I have heard plugging the fans into an outside USB port works so I suspect the issue is a bad TT fan controller and the USB glue issue is to blame on this. Hopefully, TT can give me a replacement controller to get the software working.

- Please help get me in touch with TT!

I guess I need a new replacement controller? - maybe USB issue as mentioned before?

  • Product: Riing Floe 240 RGB
  • System:
  • Ryzen 5 1600
  • 16gb DDR4 2400
  • RX Vega 56
  • Asus B350 ROG STRIX Mobo
  • TT older fans in case (RGB) w/ older controllers (non-usb controllable)
  • case: Thermaltake View 31
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