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  1. Forget what i said Thermal-take just updated to a version 1.0.5 which broke my fix now none of it works again. Is there a way to prevent the software from auto updating? so I can get back halfway working again.
  2. Yeah, I was able to but it is crashing my CAM software on my Kraken X62 and my ASUS AURA Software and the actual LEDs on my TridentZ RGB are affect by this. I have not heard anything about a hotfix, no one from Thermal-take respondes to my inquiries and the posts here on the forum. The Steps I used are listed above it evolves installing software for the non-plus version with the plus version. which has a critical incompatibility with the corsair Link software. One thing that I have noticed is that one solution that works for some may not work for others. So keep looking on hear if my solution doesn't work for you. In addition to fan connectivity problems there are also compatibility concerns with different components and software.
  3. The RGB fans offered by Thermal-take have propitiatory connectors . You would need to rewire the motor leads to the controller for the fan and I believe the LEDs share the DC Common. I would not suggest this as it could cause problems and will most likely void the warrant. Not to mention that the Thermal-take Plus software is really bad right now and showing no signs of improvement. Most people cannot even get it to run and when it does it adversely affects other system components and creates instability. I would suggest the NZXT AER fans if you are looking to control from a separate controller. The fans use a standard 4-pin PWM connector. and the led are on a separate connector to connect to the LED controller. One LED controller can control the leds on up to 10 fans. 5 per channel.
  4. I was going to, However the Plus Premium Edition software does not have the HID.exe file installed it has a a hidap.dll file instead of a .exe . The premium edition without the plus does have this file but that version does not control the plus premium fans. It will not even recognize the fans. installing the plus premium software on top of this got my the software to at least run and provide control but was unstable. I am thinking about making the change this weekend to the premium version that is still installed maybe i can get something. I just need to get away from it for a few days to relaxation before wrecking my nerves again.
  5. Well, After a week of trying to get the software for these to run, I discovered that it crashes the CAM software from NZXT repeatedly. I cannot get the two running at the same time for more than 5-10 seconds. The TT software not only has compatibility issues with everything from hardware to software, including the operating system it is also unstable. The TT software corrupts the settings on my ASUS AURA hardware. Once the TT software is running I have to go back to the AURA software to reset the LED functions every time that the TT software is accessed or restarted. It has even crashed my Trident Z RGB memory LEDs. It changed them from the default rainbow mode to all red flashng and then prevented me from changing them to any setting. Even tried turning them off. One would stay on, at least it quit flashing, regardless of whether they were turned on or off, I was affraid that it had gotten damaged when I lost all control over it. Even a system restart would not get the LEDs on the RAM sticks functioning. I had to do a complete power-down of the system to revive my RAM LEDs control. But, as soon as the TT software ran the RGB LEDS on my memory would go crazy again, never doing the same thing two times in a row. I had never had this issue without the TT software installed. The G.SKILL software that controlled these RGB RAM was really bad (Thank #### the ASUS AURA software would control these) but, G.SKILLS software looks like a finely polished diamond compared to the rotting corpse of the TT software. And, the software continually crashes my computer. With a selective boot, only loading default windows drivers and the TT software my system will not run for more that 30-45 minutes before crashing. If I boot the same way without the TT software I do not get a system crash. The system ran without the TT software on, just base default windows drivers, for 48 hours, but as soon as I started up the TT software had a system crash within 5 minutes. Tried re-downloading and and reinstalling several times with no change to this I would return them to Amazon, but am unable to, as the time line for returning these expired while waiting on my CrossHair VI Hero motherboard to arrive off of back order. I guess I will try to sell them with a no return or refund policy and try to get back some of what I paid for them. Just have to find a sucker who is too stupid to know what he is buying. I liked these because they had more RGB LEDs (than their competitors product) that also reflected off the fan lades a little and the specs showed them having a higher static pressure and CFM than their competitors version as well. The YouTube videos of theses showed modes that were not in the downloaded software and was not able to achieve through custom settigs. I do not even think that the software was the the same that they offer for download. But if I cannot control them and have to deal with constant crashes they are worthless paper weights. I have exhausted all the the patients that I have with these. TT Tech Support, if they even exist, has no concern for their customers. If they did they would either respond to the repeated requests for assistance or at least post comments to the people who are experiencing issues on their own forums. And for that matter, why in heck are they selling this with software that is basically non-functional? I have purchased and just received the NZXT equivalent fans. They function right out of the box and I have had no Issues with them, #### NZXT has even released updates for their software and firmware, which is something that I have yet to see from TT in the 5 and a half weeks that I have owned these TT fans. (Reports of software issues going back to the very first release of these TT fans have still not yet been addressed.) As I stated earlier the specs stated that the TT fans had higher static pressure and CFMs than those from the NZXT version. Well you can forget about that, either TT posted fraudulent numbers or NZXT understated their specs, with the total lack of concern for their customers that TT is showing here I am will to believe that they did in fact over state these specs. (As a designer of controls for automated equipment, I go by the specs when determining what components to use, as I am sure many other do as well.) The NZXT have what appears to be twice the CFMs compared to what I was getting from the the TT fans when I was able to get them to full speed. (By the way the TT fans would never reach the stated RPMs, the closest I could get was about 200 RPMs below their rated speed.1300 for the 120mm and 1200 for the 140mm as apposed to the stated 1500 for the 120mm and 1400 for the 140mm) And, I honestly believe that the Static Pressure is much higher on the NZXT version, as well. And, the NZXT fans were much quieter at full speed that the TT fans which about once every 5-10 seconds would make a loud thump sound as if the blade were stopping and starting back up, kind of like a servo motor that has no deceleration curve when it stops, basically going from 2000 RPMs to 0 in less that 0.1 sec. And no the fan blade was not hitting anything. they even did this when I was holding them out side the case away from all obstructions. I have owned many TT products from the old VENUS 12 air cooler to Liquid coolers and lighting kits, and 6 different full tower and one mid tower cases. And have been reasonably happy with them all, but these fans are a complete disaster. I think that after spending over $250 on paper weights that strangely resemble RGB fans and total disregard for their customers that I would have to seriously reconsider buying any more TT products.
  6. Since ASESTEK makes both the Coarsair and NZXT AIO coolers and we know that the their is a conflict between corsair link and Thermaltake software. Would that mean that there is also a conflict with the NZXT CAM software, too? Also, When you said it would break temperature monitoring when you making your changes to the hid file. Does it break it for monitoring software or just in the Thermaltake software?
  7. OK! I have it Running! I thin that there is a file missing from the install. 1. Remove the program and restart the computer. 2. Install version 2.1.4 of the non-plus version of the software. It runs but cannot control the plus version. It installs what is needed to make the plus version work. 3. Leave this version on the system but you do not have to run it. 4. Install the plus version 1.02 5. After completing the install, run it if you did not tell to run upon exiting the installer. If not set to start with windows you must manually start it. If it is set to start with windows program will load just like a startup program. 6. Once the icon appears in the task bar it will take about 5-10 seconds for it to establish communications with the controller. 7. Then you can right click on the icon to open the program screen. The lighting effects are not like you see in the videos. It is almost as if they sped the video up to make the spped of the light look faster. With the fans set to PWM Mode they ramp up and down with no way to set the fan curve. If you turn off PWM Mode and set to performance mode you can get them to full speed. they are completely silent on full speed. If you do not press save after setting up they will default back to default when you shut down the computer.
  8. There are two versions of the Riing RGB that are controlled via software. Each version has its own software. The original Premium version, which supports only 256 colors only three fans and the fans have a 5 pin connector, uses software version 2.1.0. This software only supports 3 fans per controller. The Newer Plus Premium version, which supports 16.8 million colors and up to 5 fans with 9-pin connectors. It uses a version 1.02 software, which should give control of all 5 fans on one controller. Currently people are having issues with the new Plus version of the software. This shows a screen shot of the newer riing plus premium software. This software shows the fans on a rotating screen to access the addition 2 fans. if you click on one of the fans showd in the background it rotates to bring that fan to the front. This shows a screen shot of the original premium version. It only shows 3 fans as it was designed to display only the three fans that each controller for that version was capable of supporing. I would assume that since you have 5 fans connected than you have the newer plus version. You may be using the wrong software. To get control of five fans connected to one controller you would need the 1.02 version. Which software version are you using? If it is the 2.1.0 version could you please let me know? If it is running with the Plus version fans and controller then I may at least be able to get control of my fans by only connecting three fans to each controller and use the non-Plus version of the software. The 1.02 version which was made to give control over the additional 2 fans will not run correctly on mine and several other peoples system and even create system crashes when left running for a while. And, I don't recommend this software version right now. It may just be an incompatibility with RYZEN systems. I do not know for sure but I know of at least 5 other people with RYZEN systems that are having the same difficulties, and it may work on older AMD processors and Intel just fine. I am still trying to sort this out right now.
  9. I am trying to determine if there is a compatibility issue with the riing plus premium software and certain components or software. I have tried all the solution that i can find that apply to my system. And, have yet to get the software to run correctly. I am beginning to think it is not compatible with either the X370 chip-set or RYZEN itself. Does anybody have the Riing Plus Premium Edition fans and software working correctly. If so, can you post on what processor, chip-set, board, bios, OS version, components and other software, etc.? And, what special steps that you took to get it up and running.
  10. No change with the different controller. However, It could still be the controller as the 120mm set i just received that was suppose to be new was apparently a returned one as the box seals had been cut. Yes leaving the tt software in the task bar does crash my system. I also noticed that of the videos online where the software is running they are on Intel processors and not AMD. I wander if this is due to the temperature reporting software not reading the correct location for the RYZEN processors. Several of the monitoring software out have not been updated for RYZEN yet. Has anyone got these working on RYZEN yet? If so what board, what bios, etc?
  11. I disconnect the riing controller when I am not trying to get it to work, I do not know if this will crash my system yet. My 120mm Riing Plus Premium fans were delivered today So when I get home from work I will try swapping the controller and see if the one that came with the 140mm fans was bad or not. I will also try to see if this crashes my system as well. If the crash you are referring to is not a a BSOD crash. And does Weird things like restarting directly into BIOS or changing the system time in BIOS and causing the TIME ZONE setting in WINDOWS 10 to revert to pacific time when you know you set it to central time then check which ports you have your HDD/SSD's connected to. I have discovered that SATA 1 and 2 come from the RYZEN chip with the NVMe drive and not the x370 chipset. RYZEN has a strange setup creating certain conditions for what can be conneted. RYZEN only supports 24 PCIE 3.0 Lanes. 16 are for Graphics cards either 1 X16 or 2 at X8 for your SLI/Crossfire setups. 4 go to the X370 Chip set 4 are left for sata, PCIE or NVMe of these 4 you are allowed the following configurations 1 NVMe drive at 3.0X4 Mode and nothing else 1 NVME drive at 2.0x4 with either 2 additional PCIE Lanes or 2 SATA III Drives. So, if you run the NVMe at 3.0x4 mode then using the SATA 1 and 2 will overload the processor. If set to auto in bios for the NVMe mode the NVMe drive wil operate at 2.0x4 mode allowing for the SATA III ports or allowing for 2 PCIE 3.0 x1 slots. The OCZ RD400 NVMe dirve does not like running a 2.0x4 for some reason, which was causing the crashes. By moving my sata hdds to ports 3 thru 8, I have completely solved this problem. It took me several days of swapping things out to discover this. I was beginning to think that my 1000 Watt power supply was not able to power all of the LED and causing the voltage to drop to the motherboard ( I have basically gone RGB Crazy with this system). Trying a 1200 Watt power supply did not yeild any results. Changed from my Kraken to a Noctua Air Cooler, had no effect. Running on one stick of memory at the default 2133 speed did nothing, It was not until I removed my HDDs leaving just the NVMe drive did I get it stable. My HDDs had been in my old FX-9590 system for about 9 months and had never given me any trouble. And worked fine on the PRIME X370-Pro board that I bought to check the parts bought for his build while my CrossHair VI Hero was on back order and my time to return stuff to amazon and new egg was rapidly approaching. Tried Placing just the HDD back into the system brought back the problem. I thought that maybe the port was bad and moved the HDD to the port below the one that it was in which happened to be port #3 and the problem did not return. No forums that I looked at had any reference to this restart problem. I went to AMDs website and looked at the technical specifications of the processor and the chip set before I understood what was going on. Initial reviews of the CrossHair VI Hero board stated that all SATA ports came from the X370 chipset. According o AMD the X370 chip set only has support for 4 SATA and 1 SATA EXpress (or 2 additional SATA) for a total 6 SATA ports. So, the other 2 have to be coming from the RYZEN Processor, since WIndows does not report any addition SATA controllers.
  12. I am need of assistance with my new Riing Plus TT Premium Edition fans, controllers, and software. I have purchased both the 140mm and 120mm three fans packs that included the controllers. And, I am planning to pimp out my old Chaser MK-1 case. This system contains the following: RYZEN 1800X ASUS CrossHair VI Hero Motherboard ( newest BIOS version 1002) OCZ/Toshiba RD400 NVMe Drive ASUS STRIX RX480 8GB Overclocked edition NZXT Kraken X62 (which will receive 2 of the 140mm Riing Fans G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3200Mhz C16 DDR4 OCZ ZX 1000W 80+ Gold power supply I have the system setup and running stable on a fresh install of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition The Riing Plus Software version 1.02 is installed. The software however has a weird issue. the Icon shows up on the task bar but cannot access the software to control the fans and lights. If I unplug the controller from my USB the software will run and seems to work except for not communicating with the controller and fans because the controller is unplugged. When I plug the controller in the program locks up. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the software many times. I have tried plugging the controller in with a different micro-USB connected from a rear USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. (My Kreken X62 came with a faulty cable and had to be replaced with the one from my old H115i that was in my old system.) I have tried removing all NZXT and ASUS software to see if it was a conflict. I have tried setting the audio to 5.1 and 7.1 settings (As some users here have stated fixed their issues.) I have determined that windows is recognizing that something is plugged in when I connect the USB cable to the controller. (It makes the chime you here when you plug in USB devices. It chimes twice) And, there are no signs in the device manager of issues with the device. It adds two entries under the HID list when connected. I have tried with all 3 140mm fans connected and with 0 fans connected and everywhere in between. The fans spin but and light up with a rotating rainbow effect. but that is it since I have cannot control the fans with the software. Other people are posting here that their light up all red just out of the box my as stated do not. Maybe that is only for the 256 color version i do not know. I am still waiting on the 120mm kit to arrive and plan on trying the controller from it to see if it is a bad controller. But while I am waiting I was wandering is their a special software for the the 16.8 Million color version vs. the 256 color version? And Maybe I have the wrong software. Or maybe it is incompatible with the Ryzen boards and processors. Also, I tried this on an ASUS Prime X370-Pro with the same processor on a Noctua air cooler, a Sapphire R9-285 graphics card, and the NVMe drive from this build and had the same results. If any one has any ideas I have not tried can you please let me know. Thanks in advanced for any help that you can provide.
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