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5 Ports on RIING Controller But Only 3 Fans Show On Software


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Hey There Everyone,


I'm writing because I had the riing 120's and just picked up the 3 pack of 140's.  I've got two 120's in the front and now have a 140 at the back and two 140's on my radiator.


I have a total of 5 fans and have them all plugged into one RIING controller. When I open the RIING software it only has controls for three fans. How do I access controls for the last two fans?


Many thanks in advance









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There are two versions of the Riing RGB that are controlled via software.  Each version has its own software.


The original Premium  version, which  supports only 256 colors only three fans and the fans have a 5 pin connector, uses software version 2.1.0. This software only supports 3 fans per controller.


The Newer Plus Premium version, which supports 16.8 million colors and up to 5 fans with 9-pin connectors. It uses a version 1.02 software,  which should give control of all 5 fans on one controller.  Currently people are having issues with the new Plus version of the software. 


This shows a screen shot of the newer riing plus premium software. This software shows the fans on a rotating screen to access the addition 2 fans. if you click on one of the fans showd in the background it rotates to bring that fan to the front.





This shows a screen shot of the original premium version.  It only shows 3 fans as it was designed to display only the three fans that each controller for that version was capable of supporing.




I would assume that since you have 5 fans connected than you have the newer plus version.  You may be using the wrong software. To get control of five fans connected to one controller you would need the 1.02 version.


Which software version are you using?


If it is the 2.1.0 version could you please let me know?


If it is running with the Plus version fans and controller then I may at least be able to get control of my fans by only connecting three fans to each controller and use the non-Plus version of the software.  The 1.02 version which was made to give control over the additional 2 fans will not run correctly on mine and several other peoples system and even create system crashes when left running for a while. And, I don't recommend this software version right now. It may just be an incompatibility with RYZEN systems. I do not know for sure but I know of at least 5 other people with RYZEN systems that are having the same difficulties, and it may work on older AMD processors and Intel just fine.  I am still trying to sort this out right now.

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