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(doubled post) Slash - First Modded PC Build


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Hello all,

Wanted to share by most recent build with you, maybe get some opinions/advises :) for future, when I managed to upgrade.


Also, I've made this as a Personal Project to try and do some Build Log vids, as I really love these on YouTube.

Borrowed a handheld/compact camera from a friend, another was kind enough to donate a mic... then I just had fun building and recording.


Never-ever did I do a thing like this, nor did I edit any vids beforehand... so they turned out real "amateurish" (still learning SonyVegas). But I can frankly say it was the most fun I had in my life :D !!!


It is mostly a budget AMD build, as times are tough in Romania :) .

But, by getting the parts over time, I invested a bit more on "future proofing", by getting some parts that can last and will not become "obsolete".


Part hunting from Jul.2015 to April.2016.


This started as a complete Budget Build, by going for best value parts and hunting for best deals and discounts.

I also tried to keep the White and Black theme, when I chose the parts to get.


Overview vid:


As budget I went for:

  • AMD FX-8350 CPU
  • MSI 970A Krait MB -  amazing looks and from this I got the slash line theme idea
  • 16GB HyperX White Fury RAM sticks (1866MHz)
  • HyperX Fury 240GB SSD - budget friendly SSD

Then I got thinking... why not invest in some future proofing.

For this I changed the parts a bit and got:

  • The Phanteks Enthoo Pro case, which is real solid and very easy to work in, so I'm sure it will last and it will be easy for me to swap HW, when the time comes
  • I went for a 7y warranty PSU, initially it was a Corsair RM750X - fewest features/best price for a Gold rated and fully modular PSU... but then luck struck and #### gave me a gift by winning the SnowSilent 1050W Seasonic PSU, Platinum Rated, in a Christmas giveaway... I was AMAZED!... and it went so well with my white theme :D  
  • Ofc, the money for my PSU buy was put into the NZXT HUE+ and a little left to add on GPU budget.
  • Went for the 5y warranty HDD - Western Digital Black 1TB and will add my current WD Blue for another TB of storage
  • Another 5y warranty part was the Corsair H105 AIO, which will do me good with CPU overclocking and I'm sure it will last, as AIOs these days rarely have leak problems if carefully kept/handled. Right? :)
  • Other parts... I wanted to go for a Black R9 380X GPU initially, as it was best performance/$, but the prices dropped too much on the ASUS GeForce GTX970 Turbo and I could not keep myself from it. Especially because it went so perfect with my W/B build and the minimalist red accents on the GPU, could easily be covered.
  • An ASUS DVD-WR ... yeah I still use this :) .
  • A few Sleeved cables that I found at a discount (1xUSB white, 1x24pin black, MB Panel cables white).
  • An extra NZXT 120mm fan to balance the case pressure (1x140+2x120 exhaust and 1x200+1x120 intake), if I want pressure perfection will have to invest in a Fan Controller.

Parts vid:


Then I had fun Modding... It is my first time, so I did not do anything crazy, as I was afraid to break any parts with my inexperience:

  • Used White Paint spray on:
    • Case Grills (to add the stripe)
    • on the SSD holding brakets
    • AIO circle
    • SSD addon bracket
  • Used White Rubber Spray (aka PlastiDip) to paint the AIO Rad with the White lines, and this can be removed without a problem as it is just rubber cover.
  • Used Black Matte Vinyl Tape on:
    • the PSU case cover
    • the GPU, to hide red accents (used a thermal resistant Vinyl tape here)
    • the MB, to hide the aluminium inputs
    • the front trays and on both case Side Panels, to add the Black Slash Lines
    • also, added some White Electrical tape the the GPU cable for White Slash accents :)
    • 3D printed two Logos - AMD and Seasonic - and taped them on the inside of the case, as the CPU and the PSU are hidden parts :)

Timelapse vid:


As this is my fist time trying my hand at modding, to add some personality and flare to my PC, I can say I am impressed with the Build.

Also, 1 year of patience really brought results xD, as I kind of love how the Build Turned out.


Showcase Montage:

If you have any thoughts on it, improvement ideas, let me know as I am open to them :) .


I know that I do want to DIY myself a backplate, maybe out of Plexiglass, but I cannot figure out how to make it stay on the GPU.

If you have any experience/ideas, I'd gladly welcome them.


Thanks for checking my build and I do encourage all that can, to try their hand at giving their systems some uniqueness :)

Just remember to keep it safe, as least the first times :P.


PS. the pcpartpicker link - https://de.pcpartpicker.com/b/rZhqqs

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