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Have to purchase iRGB controller with each part?


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So I'm looking to build a system with:

pacific pr22-d5 plus

3 pack riing plus fans

irgb 1250 titanium psu

w4 CPU block


Its not clear from the product documentation which of these come with the new iRGB 5way controllers. Do each of these 4 items come with one?  Since I would only need two iRGB controllers to control all 6 of the above devices, it seems like sort of lame if I'm forced to buy 4 rgb controllers if I want all of the above products. 


Since the fan 3pack (with controller) is $120, and 1 fan with no controller is $30, that means the controller is ~$30. It seems unfair to have to buy more controllers that one needs. 


Hoping there's a more sane way to buy the above. 



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