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TT ESports Mouse is DEAD HELP!?


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Hi there

Got the commander keyboard and mouse package back in march (ish) this year, all was working fine and then the mouse suddenly decided to stop working yesterday, when plugged in the lights stay blue like they are meant to but no mouse icon pops up on screen or anything to say its connected, also the red laser at the bottom of the mouse dosnt light up?. tried it in different Pcs and the same thing?.


Help please, i have emailed the boys but nothing of yet.





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The same issues for me but I see that the response in this thread is to contact support and pursue a warranty replacement. My mouse, Theron is over 2 years old (no warranty) and the laser will stop working twice a day. Since no one has a work around for this i'm guessing it's hardware issues. I can't broadcast using this mouse, time to switch I guess.

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