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Aphelion: Core X71 build

Delta Mods

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Hello and welcome to my worklog of project 'Aphelion', sponsored by Thermaltake! A big thanks to Andy and to Thermaltake for making this happen.


Parts list:

Thermaltake Core X71 TG

Asus Crosshair Hero 6 X370

Ryzen 1700x

16GB G.skill DDR4

2x Sapphire R9 Fury

EVGA 1000w G2 psu

2x Pacific PR22-D5 pump/res. combo

Thermaltake Riing RGB 120mm fans

Thermaltake Pacific W3 waterblock

Thermaltake Pacific RL radiators

Thermaltake Pacific M-pro 16mm fittings

Thermaltake 16mm PETG


Full case paint

Custom Sleeved psu cables

Acrylic panels for interior

Remove panel fwd of mobo tray 

Lighting with Darkside LEDs

+Dual water cooling loops with Thermaltake components.



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I have the same case and I'm looking to do the same thing, except for the AOI. I have several questions about the build. I know that nothing is impossible if it's done right. I have not yet opened the box that it came in so please bear with my. Also I have had brain trauma so I may be hard to understand you when being answered. Thank you for understanding. My first question is about the fans on the top. Did you have to drill and tap for the holes on top or were they already there? Secondly how did you get the PSU in the place it's at in the pics. In the owners manual, there's only two places it? Third are the fans in the front 120's or 140's and did you have to drill and tap or were the holes already there? Fourth was there anything special that you had done to the PSU when you put a different fan in it?  If I have anymore questions may I ask them from you?  Thank you in advance and be safe.  Sincerely eagle12426

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