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water 3 RGB installation

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Hi guys and Gals,


I have bought a 240 mm rgb water 3.0 kit

 Im installing it on an Aorus Z270 gaming 5 Mobo. 

I have a Master maker 5 case but I am struggling to get the software to recognize the water block and fans.  It only says please connect hardware.. I have looked what to do online and the instructions were used to connect the system to the motherboard. I have the pump plugged into my Sys fan on the MObo and the fans plugged into the CPu fan three pin connectors as stated in the instructions.

 I looked int he back of my case ans I already have a little box that came with the Mastermaker case for fan controlling.. 

The pump is working and the fan LEDs are lit up, so its all getting enough juice.

If anyone can help Id really appreciate it.

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Can you be more specific on which "kit" you purchased? This our Water 3.0 240 AIO with the RGB fans? Is it the Extreme "S" model or not?

We offered a older version that is now EOL that offered software support, but it is not offered to all models.

A quick pic or confirm the part number on the box would help.

Software might not be offered on your model.






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