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Wholesale trading


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This sector includes establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale of goods, usually without conversion and providing services related to the sale of goods.

The wholesale process is an intermediate step in the distribution of the goods. Many wholesalers are organized to sell goods in bulk to retailers, business customers and organizations. However, some wholesalers, especially those who provide non-consumer goods, sell goods in units for end-users. My company: aceworldtrading  

Wholesale of capital goods or durable goods not used for the production of goods and services such as agricultural machinery, heavy trucks and industrial machinery are always put into wholesale trade.

Wholesalers sell goods to other businesses and usually operate from a warehouse or office. These warehouses and offices are characterized by having little to no display of goods. In addition, neither the design nor the location of the facilities aims to attract walking traffic. Wholesalers often do not use direct advertising to the public. Clients are typically initially acquired through telephone, direct marketing, or by specialized advertisements that may include the Internet and other electronic means. Tracking is either initiated by the seller or initiated by the customer, which is based on previous revenue, and usually has a close relationship between seller and buyer.

This sector consists of two main types of wholesale: the wholesale sale of goods on a separate account and the wholesale of electronics, agents, and brokers to arrange the sale and purchase of the other person for commission or fee.

Wholesale traders

Wholesale traders buy and sell goods on their own account, meaning that they have the right to own the goods they sell. They usually operate from warehouses or office locations and they can be transported from their own inventory or arranged for the shipping of goods directly from the supplier to the customer. In addition to sales, they can provide or arrange logistics, marketing and support such as packaging and labeling, inventory management, shipping, handling claims, advertising at shop or co-op, and product training.

Wholesalers are known for a variety of commercial indications depending on their relationship with the supplier or customer, or the method of distribution they use. Examples include wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, street vendors, importers and exporters, and banners wholesalers.


Wholesale wholesalers are sales or office branches (but not retail stores) maintained by the manufacturing, refining, or mining businesses outside their plants or mines for the purpose Marketing their products.

Wholesale traders also include non-manufacturers (FGPs) who completely outsource the conversion but do not own the inputs. These units are actually buying finished items from the manufacturer with the intention of reselling it. These units can design the goods being produced, and may have some say in the production process. On the other hand, FGPs completely outsource the conversion process but the input property is classified into the production sector.

See more: international wholesale distributors

The first eight sub-sectors of the wholesale trade include the merchant wholesalers. Grouping these facilities into industry and industry groups based on commodity lines or lines provided by wholesalers.

The business-to-business electronics market, agents and brokers

The business-to-business electronics market, wholesale trade agents and brokers arrange for the purchase of goods owned by others, usually commissions or fees. They are known as B2B e-marketplaces, wholesale agents and brokers, commission agents, import-export agents and brokers, auction companies and house representatives. produce. These facilities operate from offices and generally do not own or handle the goods they sell.








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