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Tower 900

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so i am wanting this chassis.. 

i am going to be building a new system here over the next few months..

i am going to add leds etc.. i love the glass look not sure black or white yet... 

core i7 6700k unlocked  

Asus ROG STRIX  Z70F or Asus Prime Z70-A 

more than likely 32gb of corsair ram.. 

i am a fan of the  h100i but i dont think its possible to use with the tower 900 case?? any change to this?? 

i have read some where the h80i will work?  

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Honestly the Tower 900 is designed for custom loop cooling.

Your only option besides cutting the chassis would be to use one of the 4 rad brackets in the back to mount sideways on top of the center HDD tower inside so the tube will reach.

It works, just does not look the best imo.

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