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Riing 14 rgb Controller issue


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System spec would help and what OS you are using as well as the software version for your fans.

Do you have the Riing Plus fans or the Riing Premium fans?

The settings have to be saved, but in some cases the memory controller could be bad where you likely would want to do an RMA for the controller to see if that resolves it.

I just wanted to take a look at what is going on before just saying RMA :)


 - Make sure you got the right version of the software for the right product. (Know which fans you have)

 - Make sure to get the latest version off our website: www.thermaltake.com

 - After setting up your settings on the LED and everything, make sure to click save and do a shutdown. (This will make sure the settings are saved)

 - Does this issue happen only on reboot or if you shutdown and then turn back on does it happen this was as well?


Keep us posted.

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Hi :)

Ich have the Standard riing 14 rgb Set of 3 Fans and one Controller. They Were inside the view 31 rgb case. So i Think they arent controlable over Software. Im running a i5 8600k on a aorus gaming 5 Mainboard. I figured out that IT doesnt Happen if i use voltage as control Mode for the Fan connector but it must be Set on full speed. So i am Not able to control over Temperature. ;) So what can i Do? 


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