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Core P7 / P5 Wall Mount


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Hi all,

New here and should be picking up my Core P7 tomorrow. My question centers around mounting one of these units on a wall. I'm a bit concerned that the weight once all components are added may be too much. I know this is a new case and there may not be too many people that have done this but was hoping that someone possibly with a Core P5 that has their rig wall mounted can provide some suggestions or lessons learned?


All of the pics show the side wings on a table with feet supporting them so I was concerned about the brackets that attach them to the main unit not being strong enough when wall mounted as they would basically just be hanging on these brackets.


Any advice would be appreciated,





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From my experience mounting this at some shows. The weight of the system is very important as is the material you are securing the bracket into. Think of it like the old plasma TV's that weighted a lot.

You can get a bracket that will support the weight, but it will come down to the material you are screwing into and the lag bolts you are using to fix the bracket to the wall.

Highly suggest to build out the system before you buy the bracket so you know the actual weight and cannot stress enough on the wall you are securing it to, make sure you got a good stud there for it. Not sure on concrete walls tbh, but maybe someone else can chime in!

Enjoy that beast, if you get it on the wall, I would LOVE to see it!


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Thank you Guru,

I'm #### into studs so should be okay there. Like the idea of finishing the build before buying the mount so I'll go that route.

I'm still gathering parts for my build so it may be a while, currently looking at my cooling solutions.

Will post pics once it's complete.

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