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My Front fan,Fan LEDs,Restart button, fan controls and speaker wont work

Shallow lake

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About a year ago I had made a build with my science teacher. But even from the start my Front fan,Fan LEDs,Restart button, fan controls and speaker wont work. I know this is alot but the more the better right? Please anything will help.


  • SECC Extra Big ATX Tower(Chaser MK-1)
  • ASUS Z170-E (Motherboard)


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On 09/01/2018 at 7:11 PM, Shallow lake said:


Cerca de um ano atrás eu fiz uma compilação com meu professor de ciências. Mas mesmo desde o início, o meu ventilador Front, os LEDs do ventilador, o botão Reiniciar, os controles do ventilador e o alto-falante não funcionarão. Eu sei que isso é muito, mas quanto melhor, melhor? Por favor, qualquer coisa ajudará.


  • Torre SECC extra grande ATX (Chaser MK-1)
  • ASUS Z170-E (placa-mãe)



Could you please give more details about what was done, so we could analyze better and get an understanding of what is happening?

If you can send referral material, thank you!

Se poder encaminhar material referente, agradecemos!

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