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Riing Plus 12 Error Code:H_0x0001

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Hey guys just today I got 5 of the Riiing Plus 12 Premium Edition Fans installed and all the fans work and run the default lightning and the software detects the fans and shows their temp etc but it also gives the Could Not Find Fan Controller, please check the Fan Controller is connected (Error Code:H_0x0001) message and I can not control the fans in any way with that up. My system specs are as follows.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Intel Core i7 3770K
Corsair Vengeance Pro CMY32GX3M4A1600C9R 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3
ASRock Z77 PRO4-M Motherboard
GTX960 4GB

Would I need to request a controller replacement like I have read others have done or is there any way I can fix this? because like I said it all the fans work and are detected it's just I get that error in the software. I have downloaded the latest version of Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition V1.1.4

Any help greatly appreciated.

Edit - Ok I solved the above issue (turns out the USB was just loose but now I have another with sound mode. when ever i go to either of the 3 sound control options on any of the fans it gives me a message saying
"the audio source output could not be received, Please check the audio source output whether is occupied" not sure how to solve this one any ideas?



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Glad to hear you got some issues resolved, the sound should not be to bad to resolve either.

For the sound modes to work, you need to have sound drivers installed, when you get that error there is something going wrong with the detection of the audio based on the device selected and the driver related to it. Try updating your sound drivers as well to see if that resolves or reinstall the Riing software to see if that helps as well.

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