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TT Riing Floe 240 Doesn't Work With Ryzen CPUs!


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I was drawn in by the shiny lights and bright colors. I should have known better. TT Floe Riing 240 does not work with Ryzen CPUs and TT will not tell anyone this until after you buy it. The software is a mess and there is no fix in sight. Whenever I try to use the software my PC fans rev up full blast and my PC shuts down. I talked with tech support about this and they know about the issue!@@####.

I am returning my unit and suggest anyone with a Ryzen CPU do the same!

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I apologize for the issues you have experienced, but I do need to correct you, The Thermaltake Floe and all Riing Plus Family products work great with Ryzen, Intel and AMD's other chipsets just fine. I have built over 10 systems so far including Threadripper to understand the function.

Especially the software is working excellent and new features are coming, so again this issue may just be your system, a compatibility issue or something else. We are here to help you on this forum, but please do not just come here to complain and not even explain "What issue" you are having with the product.

We are here to help, give us your system specs, some details on what exactly is going on and we can do our best.

Did you ask for a warranty replacement and got denied by our support? Also just to check make sure you are contacting our USA office directly:



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