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TT Riing Plus controller warning message

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Hello all, just joined glad to be here.

I have a little issue I hope I can clear up. If I have less then 5 fans hooked up to 1 controller I get a warning message for that controller. Is there a way to get rid of the warning message.

I installed all 5 fans to 1 controller and no warning message, but I will someday hook up the TT Floe Riing 280 and I will have to use a 2nd controller to hook the water pump to, and I don`t want to see a warning message every time the software starts.  

Thanks for any help.

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On the Software, for each of the 5 modules, there is a green circle with a line in it. If you click that, it will disable that port on the controller.

Once you have disabled all the ports that are not connected, the warning will go away and the controller icon on the top left will turn blue.

After you set this up, click save and it should not bug you again unless one of your fans fails, which is the reason for the feature :)


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