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Tt Andy


MFC 2 Vote here  

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  1. 1. Who do you vote for in MFC 2?

    • [Germany] Ali Abbas
    • [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut
    • [Philippines] Jesse Palacio
    • [France] Mathieu Heredia
    • [Netherlands] Peter Brands
    • [Thailand] Siwasak Sirisomboon
    • [Australia] Stuart Tonks
    • [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong
    • [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonabe
    • [China] Yu Han

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Thermaltake needs to pitch this to Netflix or something.  Kinda like Monster Garage, but for geeks. I'm sure there are tons of people who would tune in to watch a show featuring the creation of these awesome custom builds.

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23 hours ago, Rahul Das said:

Who is winner of the Giveaway @Tt Andy

I'll second that.

No matter how many comps I enter, I never win anything, so in all likely hood, it is not me that won, but still nice to find out who did win.

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3 hours ago, Jos214demi said:

@Tt Andy Who won here?

I asked this same question over a month ago and still no word about who won, not even a reply to my question.
For some unknown, very weird and disappointing reason, they are keeping it all secret. :-(

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