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Thermaltake Sync controller


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if your motherboard has the amps to do it you can split the rgb signal with a y I use a few 4 pin splitters I got off amazon they are meant for standard no digital rgb but they do the job. If your motherboard does not have the amps for it you may just split the data line and pull the 5v from the psu. But proceed with care it is very easy to get this wrong and blow all your led. if you do end up pulling from the psu I recommend buying some cheep led strips that can be cut into individuals and using them to test. Even the fact that Thermaltake uses 4pin dual signal rgbs you can still use 3 pin single signal leds with them. 

I have yet to get 100% confirmation if the ttsync provides its own power to the leds or pulls from the motherboard. I asked them on facebook and they stated that it pulls it from the motherboard. If that is in fact true it is a crappy way of doing it. But all the information I am giving is based on the response I got from them.

I discussed this with another person here 


As for the pwm if you want all the fans to be doing the same thing then yes you would also have to split the pwm. But make sure its only pulling one speed signal to the same header. most pwm splitters from stores do this already but just a warning if you are making your own.

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