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Challenger Edge Pro (No Device) detected another thread


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yesterday i have bought an Challenger Edge Pro Keyboard and now im regrating it. The software i have downloaded from the page does not detect my device. i have switched beween USB 2.0 and USB 3 Ports nothing.... Besides the German Key Layout is wierd and a bit wrong placed.....

There are planty topics about the same problem and it looks like the company doesnt want to fix it or doesnt even care...  I guess i gotta send the thermaltake brand keyboard and power supply ive bought back...


I´m using Windows 10 Pro (German sytem) version 1803 build 17134.228

My Motherboard: MSI B350M PRO-VDH  (MS-7A38)

Maybe i get a last suggestion

I did even used some of the driver links that were posted by admin in older threads but the driver Tt_eSPORTS_GAMING_SOFTWARE_Challenger_Edge_Pro_V1.0  doesn`t work  

no device.JPG

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2021 same  please fix it i want use the software :( its seems like nobodys care if the software works  i mean  3 years later and still not fixed the keyboard is really cool but not cool that the software still not works and we all payed for it  the website is showing the software in it and the packages does the same

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