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Problem with case, no email response

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hi let me start by saying that I am a TT fan, I have and have own many TT products, I recently spent almost like 1,000 just this month along and I upgraded all my system to RGB

here is the problem, I send TT an email the first day that I received the case and explained what happen, I waited a week and never got a response

so I email them again and explain everything again, that was last week and still no response

all this time I waited patiently a week after sending the email should be more than enough time to at least tell me something

like we are viewing your case but we need more time

ok I bought TT view 71 from amazon, the case arrived in one piece, is a heavy case and I live in PR so I can't send the whole case back

because the shipping charge will be like 100 dollars just to have one little part exchange

another problem is that I don't want to risk sending the case back because I might not be so lucky the 2nd time

and I'm worry that the 2nd case my come with damage, then I will have to send it back again

so all I want is to avoid all that because I don't think that I have to send the case back just because the power button doesn't work

I been building computers for over 20 years and I know how simple is to connect the power on switch but the button is not working nor the power led light

right now I'm powering on my system using the reset button

when I first finished installing all my computer parts and press the power button nothing happened

so I used and old power button and the system turn on just fine

the power led light doesn't turn on either, so the same thing again, I used an old power led cable and the light turn on

since I can't have nice looking case with an old cable sticking out, I decided to use the reset button as power on button for now

until TT send me a replacement part but TT never answer me

i check the part to see if the cable is twist or broken and the cable is intact, in perfect condition, no damage, so it seems like the module is damage

I can send the bad module to them for them to test so they can send me a replacement.

I don't want to send the whole case back because for everything that I already explain

I can't replace the cables because the case uses a module and not a regular cable

I have proof of purchase of all my TT products

I want to turn on my system the normal way by pressing the power button, plus I don't have a power on light either

everything else is fine except this problem

please help

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