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  1. let me just say that TT premium cables are probably one of the best in the market today if not the best there are many riser cables out there but premium quality is a totally different story but don't take my word for it a video is worth 1,000 words this might be the best example on how good these cables are maybe they did reached the limit but the guy holding the video card is covering the fan when he put the graphic card on the table so maybe the card just overheated, who knows, but 3 meters is still impressive
  2. hi thanks for the info, I completely understand I seen your videos in youtube today I ordered a Thermaltake RGB mouse pad love your products
  3. hi I recently updated my pc to rgb, using only tt products, after I finished my system I decided to water cool only my gpu because I already have an aio cpu cooler but in order to water cool the gpu then I will have to buy a new radiator and cpu block because I can't use the one from the aio kit there are other companies that let you expand the aio kit and connect it to a gpu block , pump for water cooling but the way the aio from tt are done, you can't do it and I honestly didn't want to do that either also while water cooling look nice there is always the risk of a leak that can very much damage a component in your system a water leak can also happen to an expert pc builder, it doesn't matter how good or careful you are that's why I like aio solution, so I asked myself, do aio gpu coolers exist that way I can keep what I already have and simply buy a gpu cooler after searching the net I found a few companies that sell aio gpu coolers others companies sell adapters that let you install your own aio cpu to the gpu while I can use a tt aio with those adapters I'm forced to use that company brand or logo so we finally got to the end why tt doesn't make an aio gpu cooler or adapter so I can use it with their own aio cpu cooler can you please say if you will like tt to make that kind of product it will be nice to be able to use an aio gpu cooler, specially if you already have an aio cpu cooler what you guys think should tt make a gpu cooler
  4. good to hear that you finally fixed the problem and everything is working for you
  5. I had the same problem that you described here setting up the fan color and speed and after shutting down the pc the color will go back to normal until windows loads the apps again also if you restart the system, you will loose the color until windows load the app again well I actually found a way to keep all the settings now I can shut down , restart etc and I will always have everything working without having to wait for windows to load the app I don't know if this will work with the latest app because the last time I tried it didn't work so I don't even bother trying with the newer apps anymore I simply use version 1.1.6 click save and then profile and it will save the settings to the controller box, I think that is the only possible explanation that I can come up with on why is able to retain the settings or the configuration I run a hackintosh and I have the fans settings, color, mode, effects,running perfectly on Mac OS because they are already saved on the controller box so I don't need to run TT software or windows unless I want to change something simply use version 1.1.6 here I uploaded the file for you https://mega.nz/#!E6xzWZDI!vnd0DX-4yoVyjHeQC8gmhh4_uXxKNwO69PfnbMEFQ3E I know is an older version but this the only one that I test that it retains the settings all the other ones require windows to load the TT ring plus software in order to use the configuration settings hope this help sorry for my spanglish, hope you understand edit part 2 the reason why one of your fans retained the color is most likely because you had an older version of the app an you updated to a newer version and the older app stored that setting on the controller box simply uninstall the one you are using and install version 1.1.6 reset all the fans to default, set them up the way you want it, click save then profile 1 now restart your pc fans still working and by that I mean your color configuration, mode etc shut down and turn the pc back on same configuration still working without having to wait for windows to load uninstall the app if you want to for testing purposes reboot everything still works why? because the settings are store or saved on the controller box and you always get to keep your configuration is much better than having to wait for windows to load the software to then wait for TT software to load the settings edit 3 I was going to buy another controller thinking that my controller was damage but then I remember that I updated the software and I went back and installed the first version that I downloaded when I first bought my AI0 360 RP radiator and that is how I found out about the whole thing just like you was very upset and disappointed until I found the fix, now I'm happy I just hope they add this function to the latest app so I don't have to use an older app but as long as it works the way I need it to work is all good, I can live with that I hope it will also work for you good luck
  6. I haven't tried none of the front USB ports, but my power on button and power led are not working. since day 1 it been only 2 weeks since I have the case, the are a few things but I think the worse one is the cheap rubber feet I don't have problem lifting the case to move it around, but if a person just push without lifting that is going to kill the rubber feet much faster I had TT urban T81 and TT Pcore 3 and none of them had those soft rubber feet this a big case and a heavy case, that is the one thing I will upgrade if I work for TT the back glass might be totally unnecessary for some people, unless they have perfect cable management I have 3 TT ring plus fan controllers three 120 mm fans in the front, three 120 mm fans in the top, three 120 mm fans in the AIO TT 360 radiator and one fan in the back part everything looking nice just waiting for TT to respond about the bad power on module
  7. hi let me start by saying that I am a TT fan, I have and have own many TT products, I recently spent almost like 1,000 just this month along and I upgraded all my system to RGB here is the problem, I send TT an email the first day that I received the case and explained what happen, I waited a week and never got a response so I email them again and explain everything again, that was last week and still no response all this time I waited patiently a week after sending the email should be more than enough time to at least tell me something like we are viewing your case but we need more time ok I bought TT view 71 from amazon, the case arrived in one piece, is a heavy case and I live in PR so I can't send the whole case back because the shipping charge will be like 100 dollars just to have one little part exchange another problem is that I don't want to risk sending the case back because I might not be so lucky the 2nd time and I'm worry that the 2nd case my come with damage, then I will have to send it back again so all I want is to avoid all that because I don't think that I have to send the case back just because the power button doesn't work I been building computers for over 20 years and I know how simple is to connect the power on switch but the button is not working nor the power led light right now I'm powering on my system using the reset button when I first finished installing all my computer parts and press the power button nothing happened so I used and old power button and the system turn on just fine the power led light doesn't turn on either, so the same thing again, I used an old power led cable and the light turn on since I can't have nice looking case with an old cable sticking out, I decided to use the reset button as power on button for now until TT send me a replacement part but TT never answer me i check the part to see if the cable is twist or broken and the cable is intact, in perfect condition, no damage, so it seems like the module is damage I can send the bad module to them for them to test so they can send me a replacement. I don't want to send the whole case back because for everything that I already explain I can't replace the cables because the case uses a module and not a regular cable I have proof of purchase of all my TT products I want to turn on my system the normal way by pressing the power button, plus I don't have a power on light either everything else is fine except this problem please help
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