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Thermaltake Riing Plus. unable to change LED's on fan's


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i recently built a new pc with the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition as my cpu cooler and it works great and the fans spin. however no led's are lighting up, they are all off.

i downloaded the TT RGB Plus software and got error code H_0x0001 ( Could not find Fan Controller ) i was thinking maybe the controller was bad and got a new controller but no. still no lights.

i tried TT RGB Plus v1.1.5 and v1.2.1 on both my systems.

i noticed when i plug in and unplug the usb on the controller (with the power on and connected) that i dont get the windows notification sound i get when i plug in usb devices. is it possible that i got 2 bad controllers? i have 2 pc's and its the same problem on both. i tried using the usb ports on the back of the motherboard to but still notting. no led's and no windows notification sound.

both pc's have windows 10. one with the Z370 aorus gaming 5 with i7 8086k and the other MSI Z87 G45 with i7 4770k cpu.

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sadly i still have a problem. i have been talking to the thermaltake technical support team and they sendt me a new controller. 

now i dont get the error when i start the software anymore, how ever i can only control the led's on the cpu cooler. my 6 fans are just static locked and i cant do anything about it. i only get 2 or less led's per fan and its impossible to change it. my fans even keep the same color's when i change the positions they are pluged in on the controller.

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mmm so both controllers are having the same issue. and it looks like you have already been sent a replacement.

Have you attempted to uninstall the TT Rgb plus software and delete the tt folder at C:\Users\*Your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt

Note: if you have profiles set up you can back them up if you want before deleting that folder. Just copy them from C:\Users\*Your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt\RGBRiingPlus\RiingPlus

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yea i tried unninstaling and deleting all thermaltake software from appdata and programfiles.

do u know if there is any known problems with thermaltake software and the gigabyte AppCenter? in the AppCenter i cant see or do anything with my fans so i dont think it would.

when i re-innstaled i did get one kinda error tho. it says failed to install c++ cus i have a newer version than what the thermaltake software tries to install for me. and before u ask, i have uninstalled all c++ software and re-installed that too.

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It should be fine with appcenter as I have been using the TT rgb plus software with appcenter and rgbfusion on my gigabyte board for well over a year now.

The c++ error is normal it is just telling you it is already installed or a new version is installed.

Now you did get replacement controllers correct? and do you still have the old one/s.

@ThermalMike you have any ideas


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when i first got the cooler and fans i got no response from the controller. it just said no controller detected. Then i did get new controller and a new molex with braid and the little chip on it. after installing that i got contact with the controller so i dont get an error anymore. how ever my fans are stuck in the configuration you saw earlier in the imgur link :/

its almost like the fans have on board memory. the top fan is all dark and the bottom one have 1 blue and 1 yellow led on it and is connected to nr1 and nr3 slot on the controller. even if i switch fan connector 1 and 3 on the controller the bottom fan always has 1 blue and one yellow led, and the fan thats dark is always dark no mater where i plug it in on the controller.

and yea i have one old controller.

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I have a similar issue.  I also have the Z370 Gaming M5 mobo (however it is the MSI version).

I have the Floe Riing 360 Premium. My issue is that no matter how many settings I play within the bios or in the MSI Command Center I cannot get the three radiator fans to spin. I have complete control with TT RGB Plus software over the LED lights. I have gone through three replacements from Amazon all with the same result. 

I have tried plugging into both the CPU Fan and the CPU Pump Fan, changed from PWM to DC and back. I have stressed tested my rig till the CPU temp went over 180 degrees Farenheit. No matter what configuration I try the fans will not spin.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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well im glad you made some progress.

most PSU cable connectors is the same while the Voltage output from the PSU may be different from manufacture to manufacture. i just resently found this https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2702-psa-on-mixing-modular-psu-cables-dont-do-it 

take the corsair premium psu cables for example. it only works with a few corsair psu's. i dont get why there is no standard psu power output as it relay should be, but ohh well.

is there any info on how much voltage is supposed to be on each pin on the controller?

its weird that i still have this problem now that i have a thermaltake psu with the stock cables that came with the psu and everything. i can change the led's on the cpu block but my 6 fans is just static no mather what i do in the software.

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