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I need to replace the view 31 front panel with something that is mesh. I could mod it but they need.... Blah. I would like to know if there is a front panel that fits this case that is already mesh. I needed more air flow so as of now I just went lazy and drilled a ton of holes in the plastic to get air flow. But not very good looking. Please help.


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Hi, based on where you have this case placed, you probably have to just take the front panel off. 

You have this case enclosed in a cabinet it looks like, you are not going to get far with it in there especially if you have a door that closes this off.

Not enough space and you likely want to OC if you are not already doing that now.

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Close it is a small book shelf minus the shelf. Lol. Needed a place off the floor and the desk that one is used for doesn't have a good spot for it. So it is open just in there so it's not on carpet. I have it at an angle to sick in air from the room and the heat or the back and top. I have 3 high air flow fans in the front, but the design of this case block the incoming air so bad the fans went from 1300 rpm down to 900 rpm at a full 12 volts. And the air went from a positive pressure to negitive due to the water cooler in the back and a high air flow fan on top set to run at a slow 750rpm to get the rising heat out.  With the cover on I got zero air rising out or pushing out the rear and causing the 8700k to get to 80 very quickly. With it off and making a very positive Aire flow, the CPU stays below 60 even under heavy loads. The GPU is an open design so it just puts all the hot air in the case, reason for a positive pressure to keep that heat out. After I drilled all those holes I have enough air flow to keep temps down, but I am at neutral maybe a slight positive but not where I want it. 


My other option was buying some mesh and modding the front cutting most the front open and installing a mesh for a little cat hair trapper and safety so a cat don't stick a nose or something in the fans.  My other rig I have a mesh filter on with positive pressure so the cat hair gets cought by the mesh and does not go in the machine. But I was hoping to buy a front panel that fits that has better airflow with out custom modding the panel. 


This case is crap for airflow as designed. 

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