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Controller mess.

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""I had this plan on how to do it and I thought I got it right but partly. Right now I can control RGB but I am completely out of control of my FANS"


My Setup.

Thermaltake View 71 RGB that has this controller with 3 buttons and build in fans using this wierd 5 pin connectors instead of 9pin.

Thermaltake TT Premium 360 AIO CPU Cooler that has five 9pin connections

Thermaltake TT Premium 120mm 3fan pack that is using same 9pin connectors

Thermaltake TT Premium SYNC controller for 9 devices.


Right now, I have my View 71 3 fans connected to controller that came with the case, that controller connected to my 9 port controller that I purchased separately. So that's pretty much my setup.

From what I see I am missing USB 2.0 data cable that connection to motherboard because I only have PWM CPU_FAN + 2 more fan cables coming for SUNC controller and RGB RAINBOW cable from 9 port controller as well. So how do I connect individually all of my fans ? I mean is it even possible, at least monitor speed ? Also looking at my setup where that USB cable would be coming from to have all of my fans on one cable ?


I am sooo confused right now, but RGB works :D

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