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RGB Plus (V1.2.4, F2.0.3): Temperatures too high


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Hello Thermaltake Forum,

I have been using the RGB PLus software for some time now.
Since the last updates the measured temperatures are getting more and more inaccurate.

Since the update to 1.2.4 the difference is at 20°C, so the fans are using much too high RPM for water cooling.


My CPU is a Ryzen 1700x and I use the program AMD Ryzen Master to read it out.

After some research I found out that RGB Plus probably uses the software HWi32.
The parameter GetTemperature:CPU (Tctl) is probably used for the measurements.
However, this is not correct for my CPU, but the parameter GetTemperature:CPU (Tdie) returns more suitable values.


My questions are whether you can influence the parameters from the outside (offsets or specifying the parameters)?
If not, can I fix this problem elsewhere (coming upate or similar)?
Or is it because of my AMD CPU?

Best regards,


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