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Riing Plus 12. Massive RGB problems


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So i bought the View 71 Full tower plus case that comes with 4 pre installed Riing 12 plus fans and the RGB just will not work. ive connected everything into the the correct slots, ive tried multiple USB 2.0 slots, ive plug, unplugged and replug the controller over and over and over thinking its a loose connection. ive run as administrator, ive shut down my fire wall, ive cleared out files in an attempt to do a clean install, ive reinstalled the software maybe 8 times now and still i get the error code H_0x0001 and it says

" could not find Fan Controller, please check if the Fan controller is connected. " 

Well the fans are literally spinning connected to the controller so push comes to shove they actually cool my system but this is simply not what i paid for if the RGB dosnt work

Judging by all the posts this has been an issue for literally years and there is still no solid fix for this.


Just for the #### of it ill throw my system specs down below

CPU: i9 9900k

Motherboard Gigabyte Auros Xtreme

Corsair Vengeance 2 x 8gb 3200Mhz DDR4 Ram 

MSI 1080 ti

Nzxt Kraken x62 AIO

EVGA 850 Watt g2 PSU


Im at my wits end i seriously need all the help i can get to fix this issue. This is honestly putting me off buying anything TT branded in the future.

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