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  1. kewlmunky

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    Thermaltake has a newer power cable for their controllers that have a resistor built in that should fix the issue. If you contact support and give them the serial number of your product(s) they will ship you what you need, free of charge.
  2. The Floe Riing 360mm and the 3 fan pack will each come with a 5 port controller. You can daisy-chain up to 16 of these controllers together and control them via Thermaltake's software. The controllers have dip switches on the back to set the controller number, but I would think Cyberpower should have everything setup for you. You can add the Riing Trio fans, as all of their addressable RGB products come with the same 5 port controller. Though Thermaltake always advices to use the controller the product comes with. This is due to the newer addressable products usually having a controller with some updated software built in.
  3. kewlmunky

    Fan Controller - View 37 RGB

    I can't see any reason why they would plug into the 9 port sync controller but not the 5 port controller. Perhaps he bought the 9 port controller because the included 3 button controller allows motherboard software control of lighting but only supports up to 3 addressable devices? But with how screwy things turned out with the stock fans in the View 37 ARGB you originally wanted, I would definitely confirm with support first if the fans in the View 37 RGB can be used with the 5 port hub included with fans sold separately.
  4. Is the 3 push button controller this one: https://ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-rgb-controller/ It mentions coming with a bridge cable, but I am unsure if you can bridge that controller with the 5 port one that is intended to control products via Thermaltake's software. You would need to contact Thermaltake to make sure. Thermaltake also has a 9 port controller, the TT Sync Controller. This allows you to control the lights on Thermaltake's addressable RGB products via motherboard software. The speed of the fans would then be handled by the BIOS. https://ttpremium.com/product/tt-sync-controller-tt-premium-edition/
  5. The 9 port TT Sync controller is designed to let motherboard software control the lights Thermaltake's addressable RGB products. Your BIOS will then control the speed of the fans. If you would like to use Thermaltake's software, you need to use their standard 5 port controllers. Unless you purchased a bunch of single packs of the 120mm Riing Plus fans, I would imagine you have at least two of the 5 port controllers. You are able to chain up to 16 of these together and control all the devices on all connected controllers, within Thermaltake's software.
  6. kewlmunky

    Fan Controller - View 37 RGB

    Looks like the included fans uses the same 9 pin USB 2.0 header as the 5 port controller that comes with their other addressable RGB products. As long as you purchase at least one fan + controller package (200mm fans can be purchased with and without a controller), you should be able to hook up both your 200mm and the included three 140mm Riing Plus RGB fans to the same controller and control them together.
  7. kewlmunky

    RGB RAM Covers

    They're listed on their site for $59.99, but are not able to be added to cart yet. I'm a little sad they went with 9 LEDs each strip instead of 12, as all of my Riing Plus fans are 12 LEDs.
  8. kewlmunky

    Connecting and syncing Pure Plus fans

    I was originally confused when you said it came with 200mm pure plus fans, as I couldn't recall them ever being released. I agree that it is very annoying for them to pull such a maneuver. Having to manufacture a new connector and controller and keep stock of all of that couldn't be saving them any money versus reusing what they already have and including the 5 port controller with the case. If in fact there is no way for the case ones to work with the stand alone purchased ones, they should have that listed somewhere in the case description. Did you get on the phone with them?
  9. kewlmunky

    Connecting and syncing Pure Plus fans

    I'm looking at that case more, and it appears the included fans don't have the standard 9 pin USB 2.0 cable that comes when one buys the fans separately. If you haven't already, try getting on the phone with ThermaltakeUSA to see they can figure out a way to get all your equipment working together. You could also try contacting @ThermalMike on here for some help.
  10. kewlmunky

    Connecting and syncing Pure Plus fans

    Looks like the built in controller is designed to work on its own and not hook up with any additional controllers.There are a couple of other solutions. If you prefer to use your motherboard's software to control the lighting, you could get Thermaltake's TT Sync Controller. This is a 9 port controller that plugs into a motherboard's RGB header. I believe this requires you to run PWM cables between the controller and the motherboard, as the BIOS settings will then control the speed of the fans. Alternatively, each pack of fans you purchase will also include a 5 port controller that plugs into a USB 2.0 header on your motherboard and allows lighting and fan speed control via Thermaltake's software. One can chain up to 16 of these controllers together.
  11. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Controller

    The Riing Plus and later released fans (pure plus and riing trio) can be used on it. I believe any of their products with the 9 pin USB 2.0 style header work on there.
  12. kewlmunky

    RGB fan help if possible

    Unfortunately, there is no officially supported way to daisy chain the 9 port TT Sync Controller. However, you may find this thread of some use. Someone figured out how to use two of the controllers together: If you would like to use Thermaltake's software, it supports daisy chaining up to 16 of their 5 port controllers.
  13. kewlmunky

    RGB RAM Covers

    On their update notes for version 1.2.5 of their RGB software they listed adding support for the RAM covers. So I anticipate we will see them within a month.
  14. kewlmunky

    TT RGB Plus Software Refuses to Start Up

    Have you checked that your antivirus is not blocking it?
  15. kewlmunky

    Question, add & control 6 extra fans with 360 floe

    You can daisy chain up to 16 of Thermaltake's controllers. So you will be able to control the floe Riing 360 RGB and both sets of the Pure Plus fans via Thermaltake's software. The controllers come with the daisy chain cables. They also come with a USB 2.0 header to two micro USB ends. You can hook two controllers up with one of those and then daisy chain the third one off another controller, or use another USB 2.0 header to micro USB. I would make sure to connect the Pure Plus fans to the controllers they come with, as they are a newer product than your liquid cooler and may not be properly supported on its controller. Another option to control 9 devices would be the TT Sync controller. This hub supports 9 devices. However, its purpose is to allow one to control Thermaltake RGB products with the motherboard's software. This also means you will need to run PWM cables between the controller and motherboard for your fans, versus the single 9 pin cable for the Premium RGB controller. You would not be able to use Thermaltake's software, in this use case. Let me know if you need any more assistance.