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Riing RGB Plus and Riing Trio 14 query

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Hi all! i've been doing abit of searching and can't seem to find my particular issue..

I installed a set of ring rgb plus 12 premium edition fans just over a year ago in my rig. Fantastic, never miss a beat!

For xmas i got a Riing Trio 14 triple pack, and was wondering if they can both be installed in the case with software control active? 

I read here that the controllers can't be daisy chained... does that mean i can't connect each controlled individually via use of the 'Y' split usb2.0 header?


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You should be able to run both sets of fans. Just ensure you use the Riing Trio fans with the controller they came with.

Where did you read that the controllers can not be daisy chained? I have a Riing plus 5 pack and the Lumi Plus and am running the controllers for both, daisy chained, even though the Lumi Plus controller is a newer/updated controller. You should be able to hook up your Riing Trio controller to the second connector on the Y splitter and see it show up in the software.

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