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Thermaltake Premium X1 Keyboard hotkeys not working?


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I recently got an X1 keyboard, and was trying out its functions. For some reason I'm unable to get some of the hotkeys to work, namely Fn+Num Lock(keyboard disable), Fn+W(swap arrow keys with wasd), and Fn+F9-F12(not sure what these are, but nothing happens when I click them). Do I have to install anything to get these to work?

Thank you!


edit: Also, I can't seem to record special characters like \.,?()' in macros. Is that normal?..

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On 1/27/2019 at 11:40 PM, Jackie Chen said:

Hi Sir,

Please download the user's manual via below link:


Some of the hotkeys need to activate game mode to be functional. :)



Jackie Chen

I noticed that the hotkeys work only when the X1 software is not opened. When the software is open, it disables the hotkeys I listed. I am so confused haha

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