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Goodbye Thermaltake

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Okay three hundred dollars’ worth of fans and controllers I feel like I could have accomplished more if I flushed the cash down the toilet.

I feel like all the You tube videos and reviews flat out lied the TT software is not even an Alpha in my opinion.


1.       Computer wakes from sleep the fans and colors are reset.  Is Thermaltake going to fix this? After reading the forum all signs point to no.

2.       Five controller boxes wired up and I can’t even set different options to different controllers. I wanted all my radiator fans to be RED in color and Cross in patter and the RGB strips to be temp.

If I sent the fans to red/cross the strips switch to red/cross as soon as I hit save, if I go in and switch the strips to Temp the fans switch to temp as soon as I hit save.

I have tried different profiles, no luck

I was planning on making a full Hard Line Thermaltake build with dual PR33-D5, four packs of the Pacific RGB plus TT G/14 Fittings, Pacific RL360 radiators, and dual Pacific TF1s in a Tower 900 case I have the parts in my cart just waiting for my tax return but the down right horrid software and lack of customization changed my mind


Once I get my tax return, I am switching to Corsair and throwing this Thermaltake JUNK on eBay let some other sucker tear his/her hair out trying to get it to work correctly.


Bye Thermaltake you have gotten all of my money you are EVER going to get.


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