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Guest Tt Paul

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Guest Tt Paul

The Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Illuminated - Blue Switch Edition is back-lit version of our award winning MEKA G-Unit gaming keyboard. It’s a full-fledged gaming keyboard, featuring Cherry MX mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, a usb hub, and a built-in sound card. Take no prisoners as you game on with the MEKA G-Unit Illuminated.

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I thought this had black switches.  Least the one I bought says it has black switches....

Anyway, this thing is built like a tank.  The illumination is great, and adjustable, I can now play game, type, whatever without a light on in my office to see my keyboard.  Having on board audio controls is a major plus, I'm surprised more planks don't offer that, it's so much better than having to open your music player and control it via mouse.

Need to retrain my fingers from what I use at work, I keep hitting the Caps Lock, so every now and then I staRT TYPING LIKE THIS.  And the right shift key is half the size when compared to other planks.  Minor complaints about an awesome plank.

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Guest Tt Josh

i bought this keyboard 2 months ago. Use it about 3 -5 hours per week in games. Now i saw that  keycaps wich i use in games start to loose paint on letters.

Is it normal? My model without full ledlight.

Hey iamgreen, which country you're from? we'll get someone from local office to assist further on the issue ;)

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hi guys need your expert help.


i purchased this keyboard in Jun but the drivers wont install properly.


this means it doesnt light up when i switch the computer on and i need to unplug and plug again for it to work. even that is only a 50/50 hit rate.


when ever i click on teh driver installed from the CD it switchs it off straight away and it goes back to not working.


i have windows 7 home edition. please help.

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I own one of these, but don't quite understand how to get T1-T12 to do anything. I've tried setting different profiles, as well as macro, single key, program launch with no results. I finally managed to get the keyboard fully recognized in windows 10, I think.


Edit: I can get it to recognize the keyboard, even attempt to assign keys to T1-T12, nothing happens when I press them.

Every time I restart my machine I have to:

  1. Uninstall via device manager (My G Unit shows up as a Saitek device)
  2. Uninstall the associated Tt eSports tools
  3. Attempt to update the firmware (which has never done anything, probably already up to date, but allows Windows 10 to see my keyboard)
  4. Reinstall the Tt eSports tools
  5. Retry this until it works.

I really like my keyboard. The switches are Cherry MX Blacks (Original MEKA G Unit?) and I did buy it refurbished from Thermaltake's store, so I'm not interested in returning it.


I'm just interested to know why it's identifying as a Saitek HID device, which causes it to not work at all. I've been looking for the particular driver that causes this, but the obfuscation of HID drivers into single entities has caused me a pretty large headache. I may try deleting the primary HID driver for Windows and installing after the fact, or removing all of the keyboard entries. Anyone interested in helping me figure this out please message or email me. Please?

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Hi I recently bought a ThermalTake Tt eSPORTS Meka G-Unit Illuminated Edition Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red (from the UK).


I went to the tt esports website to download the drivers and firmware update, but I find a keyboard  eSPORTS Meka G-Unit Illuminated Edition which has 2 less keys (mine has an extra "\" key next to z, and a "#" key next to ').


Also on the website it says the keyboard should have black cherry mx switches but I have checked and mine is definitely red.


Can anyone help me find the right keyboard drivers on the site? The software I found just show a keyboard that looks like mine but with 2 less keys as I mentioned above.

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i am looking to buy the MGU006USB MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Edition Gaming Keyboard.

I have one... but i nee a new one.

can you help me with that? 

one of the keys is broken an thats the best keyboard for me to have.

hope to get an answer from u guys.

most times when i treid to contact tt esports sopurt i didnt get any ansers at all. 

all the best 


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