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Multiple Control with ease Commander F5 – Multi Fan Controller

Owner’s Club


Multiple Control with ease

Commander F5 – Multi fan controller is the ideal device to control and adjust the speed of fan in case. With a honeycombed mesh grilled front panel and smooth moving sliders, cooling performance can be controlled also minimize the noise efficiently. Features with five separate channels with an ample 8W available on each of them, fan speed can be adjusted independently or simultaneously. Commander F5 comes with all necessary cables to connect up to 5 fans with standard 3-Pin or PWM connector. Simply just an empty 5.25” driver bay and you are ready to go.


Individual LED indicator

Commander F5 provides individual LED indicators with access indication.


Independent channel sliders

Easily to set up and use, it features 5 separate sliders for absolute airflow control.


Comprehensive Control of fan cooling and noise

Comprehensive control of fan whilst cooling performance and reduce noise effectively.


Easy installation for 5. 25” drive bays

Commander F5 fits in a standard 5.2 5” drive bay for easy installation, compact and handy.


Compatible with 4-Pin connector fans

User can flexibly connect with standard 3-Pin, 4-pin or PWM connector, which enables easy fan speed control via front panel



Share your builds with Commander F5 - Multi Fan Controller to be added to the list!

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I came across the F5 controller as it looked promising for controlling the 5 PWM fans I have (Cougar Vortex PWM), but although the controller states it can control 4-pin, PWM fans it only shows 2 (or 3) wires.  How is that able to control PWM fans? Or, if it can, then wat's the point of the 4th wire? I readily admit I am new to PWM fans but it would seem that you would need a 4-pin controller for a 4-pin fan, otherwaise the 4th wire is extraneous.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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