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Riing Trio 140 with TT Sync SATA Controller Premium Edition or Gigabyte RGB Commander Pro?


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I looked up the RGB Fan Commander, and it doesn't have the same connectors as the Riing Trio fans. The Riing Trio (and the rest of their addressable RGB products) use a 9 pin USB 2.0 header connector. 

You will still need to get the TT Sync 9 port controller to be able to control the lights with Gigabyte's software.

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I bought the Riing Trio 14 which came with a controller and also the TT Sync Premium Controller. Could you please let me know the following?
1. Which controller has more fancy color patterns?
2. Can I get the fancy color patterns from whatever controller that has more options and put it in the controller with less fancy color patterns?
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As far as I understand, the TT Sync conntroller does not have any options built in; it is an interface/translator so that motherboard lighting software can control Thermaltake products.

You cannot "share" effects between controllers.

Being you have both controllers already I would recommend you try out both. Hook everything up to one controller, explore the options, then switch to the other and do the same. See what you prefer.

Just remember that with the TT sync controller you cannot use Thermaltake's software. You will use your motherboard software for the lighting and then run PWM cables between the TT sync controller and your motherboard fan headers to control fan speed.

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