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[PLEASE READ] 2019 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational TT Talent - Community League

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i_banner_1.jpgEvent Launch – Stage 1 (2019/3/29 – 2019/4/15)
  • To enter, all you have to do is create a tread on TT community “2019 casemod invitational tt talent community league” thread with your basic information and a video on why you should be selected to be TT’s Talent (The video has to be between 1 min – 5 min long).
  • The theme of the Video should include a personal bio and why we should choose you as the next TT Talent, you need to also include experience about using Thermaltake and your modding and PC building experiences.
  • Previous experiences with Thermaltake can be added
  • Final Video Submission Date is 4/15/2019
  • This event is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple Inc.
Talent Selection - Stage 2 (2019/4/15) - TOP 12 contenders are selected by Thermaltake.
  • Top 12 contenders are selected, contenders are sent TT Products for review. The contenders will need to create a video on the items sent, basic introduction.
  • Contestants will be required to create a 2nd video mentioning what their plan is to mod the Level 20 Full Tower Chassis. CAD drawings or 3D Renders or sketches.
  • Video must also talk about how Thermaltake products can help with such mod.
  • At this stage all contenders progressed will win $500 USD
Stage 2 Voting (2019/4/17)
  • Top 12 contenders that are selected, will be put into a poll and public voting will commence.
  • Voting will be held on TT Community Forums.
  • 30% Community and 70% by Thermaltake to ensure fairness of the event.
Computex (2019/5/28)
  • Winner will be flown to Computex to join Thermaltake at Computex for the week, hotel and flights included!
  • Winner will be one of Thermaltake's dedicated media for the show
  • After Computex Winner will be sent the Level 20 chassis and everything that is needed to put the concept together.
  • (Only TT hardware included)
Level 20 GT Battlestation (2019/6/22)
  • Creation of the winning concept begins
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