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#Pure (A500 build with MSI and Thermaltake)

AML Custom PC

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Hey, thanks for checking out my build log for #Pure.

I couldn’t have done this build if it was not for the sponsors, MSI Thermaltake, To the wire sleeving.


This build will have a white, blue and frosted theme and I want the case to keep its external look and at the centre of the build it will have the Ryzen 2700x.

This is what I want to do,


Parts l will be using,

CPU - Ryzen 2700x

Motherboard – MSI B450 tomahawk

Ram – Corsair Vengeance RGB 16gb

Graphics card – MSI Gaming RTX 2070

Storage – Unknown

Case – Thermaltake A500

Psu – Thermaltake Toughpower grand RGB 850W

CPU Block – Thermaltake Pacific W5

Rad – Thermaltake Pacific C360

Fittings – Thermaltake C- Pro

Pump – Thermaltake Pacific P1

PCI-E Cable – Thermaltake Premium 3.0 300mm.

I don’t want to keep this build on my bench too long so I have made a design and want to stick to it, I will be re-making all of the internals and we will just be keeping the frame and the external shell.

Here are a few photos of the products,










So this is the case,
I remove psu cover and motherboard tray.
I made a model out of cardboard to make sure I got the correct sizes for the perplex
After I did this I removed the IO shield and graphics card supports from the back of the case so I can move this to the top of the case.
Once I cut the case up I new I would need to replace the back of the case, I made a quick design on fusion 360 and made a new back panel, this will include displayport and 2 usb 3.0.
I chopped down an old bracket for the thermaltake p3 to help support the graphics cards so it can hang down in the case.
This is the point I needed to stop as I needed to pick up the perplex for the next stage of the project.
This is where we are up to.
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