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Project Omega Level 20xt


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Hello everyone, this is my first project with thermaltake although I have used thermaltake for many years I'm excited to finally get the opportunity to work on a project with them. This build will be in the Level 20xt and let me just say this case is massive. This build isn't going to have high end hardware as it's just for show so I will be using a ryzen 5 2600x paired with a gtx 980 (all I had on hand). All watercooling is of course provided by thermaltake. I have started a sketch of the basic layout I have in mind, although I'm am not certain yet of the details or loop design I want to do so I just left the sketch basic to have an idea. Primary color will be flat black with accenting color of gold (not the metallic kind). Currently in the process of building a house as well so not sure how long this project will take but I plan on having it finished before computex. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy. 


DSC_1444-2528x1896.thumb.JPG.722bcd933b16a3659fed55e11ee53cda.JPGspan widgetspan widget

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Case is stripped down and starting to get things painted. The colors are black and gold and everything will have a matte finish, making the gold look more like a dark khaki color which is exactly what I was going for. Sorry I don't have time to take photos with the dslr for every update



Also got the motherboard and gtx 980 waterblock painted to match. Thermaltake was out of stock of the clear block so I made due with the solid color and just painted it to fit the build



Next I made some custom cable extensions for the build. Gold sleeving was too dark so I actually used a khaki color which actually matches nicely. 



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