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Sanjaya Bhanu [TT Talent 2019 - Community League]

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Your Name:  Sanjaya Bhanu (San Dissa)
Modding Brand / Media Name:   KingsMod (San Dissa)

Facebook Profile: Personal Profile
Facebook Page Link:  KingsMod
Youtube Channel Link:    KingsMod @ Youtube
Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms: San Bhanu @ Instagram
Previous projects/build logs: Most can be found at my FB, Following are some Forum Threads






Total fans: 2K-3K (not including Forum views)

Why do you think you should be the next TT Talent?:

For me Case Modding is a form of art to express myself and also to push myself to create something truly unique and novel. TT Talent is a great opportunity for any Case Modder to set up get a better recognition and discover more opportunities to grow. I think, considering my talent and experience in modding it is time that I should push myself harder to expand my boundaries in Modding and the PC industry. I think being the next TT Talent would help me achieve this goal to further my Modding and Cinematography career. Also I wanna create an awesome Level 20 Mod ;) 





Hope you like my Mods and Videos. Win or Lose I am thankful for TT on behalf of all the modders for this opportunity and also for the support TT is offering to our community.

To all the contestants, I wish you all the best in the competition!!!

Cheers :D 

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