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  1. Some awesome videos guys! Good job and it was fun to compete with you all
  2. Hi Guys, So here is what I made for my final video. I wanted to show the basic features and the final light effect I made. Let me know what you guys think
  3. Hi guys, So I was thingking about some retro stuff and ended up with this, what do yout think?
  4. Hi Everyone, Testing out the light effects and customization with the NeonMaker. Video Final Videos are in the oven and will be ready soon Stay Tuned!
  5. Hi Guys, So glad to be back competing at a TT competition with some awesome Modder! Thank you very much TT! Anyway, Got my hands on the fans and took some quick snaps. I will try to take some more interesting shots during CNY and Share the worklog with you guys! Stay tuned for some cool light effects as well!
  6. Looking sexy as always! Love the whole thing transforming
  7. Looks great bro the attention to detail is super good!
  8. This thing is wicked sick!!! #### i wanna see it in real life good job bro
  9. Thanks bro Finally after the business trip all over Europe, i had some time to finish off the Mod and take some Photos. I will shoot a video tomorrow and share with you guys as well. I had to do some fine tuning and modify the distro to correct the water flow and reduce air bubbles going into the pump, So here we go with the final images.
  10. Hi Guys, a little update this time around. My build is almost done at this point. Just need to do a little tweaking.
  11. Hi All, So now I am working on some paint work and and finishing touch. I have got most of the components I need to finish the mod. Next is the assembly and doing the tubing and finishing touch
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