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TT RGB Plus & Riing Trio compatibility


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Hi, I'm replacing my old view Core V71 case with a View 71 TG Snow edition and going deep with upgrades to RGB lighting.

So far I have installed the Lumi Plus LED strips in my old case just to get used to the TT RGB Plus software and noticed it doesn't appear to have any support for the riing trio fans. Watching the video on the website as well the software looks different.

Like I said I'm going all in with the R1 Plus DDR4 lighting, possibly the W4 plus water block and PR22-D5 Plus pump, but before I invest in all of that I need to understand if it's all compatible currently and properly supported.

I tried the mobile app which when I first loaded it came up with riing trio as a device, even though I don't have any yet, but that software just seems all over the place. I'm not likely to use the mobile app anyway.

So returning to the PC, I need the following questions addressed please so I can confidently go ahead with the rebuild.

#1 Are riing trio support in the current tt rgb plus, and how if it isn't listed as an available device option? Is it a different controller and the software detects that and gives different options?

#2 Why does the PC start up with all the lights on, then when windows and the TT RGB Plus software loads they all switch off. I have to open the software and reselect a profile every time I boot.

#3 Can PWM control be used to turn off the fan rotation? Can temp/rpm curves be set so I can choose how the fans respond to temperatures?

#4 How can I buy single Riing trio fans, I will need a 3 pack of 140s for a radiator, but an additional 140 for the case exhaust

#5 Can I connect any A-RGB device and control It from the software. I noted on the R4 can be connected either to an A-RGB header or to the controller so if I have another device also using the same A-RGB header cable would it work? This would be really helpful.

#6 For temperature control of the PWM fans, what are the available options for the temperature sources?

As you can imagine, there is a lot of cost involved in buying 10 fans, a PR22, R1 Plus, W4 plus and the Lumi Plus strips so I would appreciate answers before I spend any more on the build.


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#1 Yes, different controller but same software

#2 Because the software is ####

#4 You cant. / No, there is a pwm curve build into the software you cant change.

#5 If you know the pinout I guess it should be possible.

#6 Knowing thermaltake the first detected sensor from your cpu (so probably core 1)


For more customization check this.

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