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TT RGB Plus "TEMP" Light mode

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Hello I have have a quick question regarding Temperature profile in TT RGB Plus software. When activated color of the fan is acting like a indicator on how hot CPU is at the moment. From bright blue when idle to bright red when HOT. With that my question is this:

How do you control colors and values for them. At the moment 70C is bright RED and this is completely wrong and not showing what I want to see. I want to control high and low temperature and if possible anything in between. For example I want bright RED to be only when it's 85+ and yellow when it's 65+ and orange when it's 75+ because for me I see it's not even 60 that thing is showing like my system is about to burn with nice RED color. So if anyone knows how to edit color / temperature range and values for them that'll be amazing.

If you look at the following photos you'll see anything above like 69 is same color I mean in my book there is a BIG difference in 85  and 90. Forget about having 20 or more degrees temperature differences. I really it's possible to adjust range and color.

















Thank you so much guys I love your product.



My setup.

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16 hours ago, pufftooth said:

I have never done anything like this. Did you got any Tt software with your hardware where you can adjust any settings?

Welcome to the forum. I am actually referring to software in my OP called TT RGB Plus. This is RGB software designed for a lot of TT products including AIO CPU coolers and fans. This is precise reason I am asking here because inside software I don't see way to control any of the settings I am referring to in my original post.

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Hey, did you ever find a solution to this? It’s bugging me too!


I had a look around the install folder and other folders such as /appdata/Roaming/Tt and while I found a few .ini files related to my profiles, nothing that directly revealed the temp mode settings.

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