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Thermaltake, please end your fight with Epic and Easy anti-cheat.


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Thermaltake, please end your fight with Epic and Easy anti-cheat. All rgb software from any company has been deemed an attack vector for cheating in games. When I start a game that uses EAC it will automatically close down TT RGB Plus and then my CPU temps become high for my Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition as they no longer get adequate cooling adjustment without the SW running. I am begging you to work this out with EPIC or I will be forced to skip Thermaltake on my next PC build. I really like you guys. I like your software better than Corsair, NZXT, and others. I realize that their SW is banned by EAC as well but this is going to drive me to software-less options and I think that is a step backward? Have you even begun a dialog with EPIC yet on how to work this out?

Thank you for your consideration. Have a good day TT.

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I have this problem when ever I start up a game that uses Easy Anti Cheat too. Every time that I keep the software open for the rgb saved profiles, it just crashes my game and  tells me that an error occurred due to TTRGB.exe. The fact that this has been reported a problem in 2019, and I still have problems with it in 2021; it's actually ridiculous and gets me so mad.

Please fix this ThermalTake.

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