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Thermaltake Kandalf The Super Tower Motherboard standoffs size?

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Hi there,


I still own the Thermaltake Kandalf The super tower that I bought brand new back in like 2005 or 2006 and I fully modded a few years ago but I'm missing a few motherboard standoffs.


I would like to know whats the size of the standoffs so I can buy on ebay.



I have other cases and my friends have lots of cases, but the ones on the Thermaltake are always bigger than any I could get here, My PC is fully assembled so I can't remember the size.


Are they M3 1cm (10mm) height standoffs?


my case:



(My custom side design cut window, but never ordered the acrylic panel to finish it :( ).


(inside is mostly metallic black and orange).


ps: This case is super hard to mod. I literally fully disassembled it, it takes like almost 100 rivets, I had bought 1 box and had to go run buy another as 1 wasnt enough to assemble it lol. To cut my custom design side window I also wasted a lot of small metal cutting discs for my dremel and to make a hole in the front for more fans I had to go to a friend's house with a big industrial drilling machine and it was still loosing power and he was like what the heck is this metal made off lol (~20 KG with nothing inside heavy weight), my home drilling couldnt even do the job and the metal drill bit got all worn out jeez...

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