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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone

Jesse Matt

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iPhone, Mac, iPod, etc are all devices that are developed by Apple Inc. These devices are slightly different in use as compared to Android devices. Therefore, if you want to transfer your photos and videos to your Mac which is another apple device then it has certain different steps.

  1. Before starting to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your device.

  2. Open iTunes in your mac device and you will land on the homepage of iTunes.

  3. Take a USB wire and connect your iPhone to your Mac.

  4. From the home page of iTunes, click on the device icon that is available on top of the homepage.

  5. Click on “Photos” that is available on the sidebar towards the left of your screen.

  6. An option of “Sync Photos” will appear in front of you. If this option is off then to click on it to turn on the sync. If the sync is already on the “Google photos is on” will appear on the screen. For other related issues visit: how to bypass Google account verification on android

There are many other ways in which transfer to photos can take place from iPhone to Mac.

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