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PLEASE - Does anyone have TT RGB Plus software 1.2.7 or Earlier!?!?!

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So I have a custom water cooled gaming computer, in which I chose to use 7x thermaltake Riing+ RGB Fans, Thermaltake RGB LED's, and RGB controller. I was very happy with my setup, until the TT RGB Plus software auto updated itself to 1.2.8 and started causing issues for me.

I get huge network lag spikes (3+ seconds - Yes, 3000+ Milliseconds) when the software is running about every 5-10 seconds. It makes using my computer online choppy and laggy. I can't play games or stream videos or do anything it is so bad... Until I close the software, and then everything is fine. I have tried a fresh install of windows - SAME THING. Not sure what happened, or if there is some kind of incompatibility with my particular computer or whatever, but... This is unbearable. I am forced to disable the software when gaming, and deal with a dancing rainbow PC and no fan speed modulation. The issue seems to have appeared when thermaltake switched to 64-bit software.

The old versions of the software worked fine for me but I never saved the old downloads and for the life of me I can't find a link anywhere online.

Does ANYBODY PLEASE Have a copy of the 1.2.7 or earlier version of TT RGB Plus!? It would literally save my gaming experience and my sanity. I'm very upset having spent almost $400 on fans and lights and having to deal with this and getting no help from thermaltake themselves (Yes, I have tried to contact them!!!) Did anyone save the old download and can be my hero!!?!?!?


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