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Buying Fans for a P5 case, can you buy four?

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I have a P5 case that I've never done anything with the right side yet for two years.  was thinking of fixing that problem.    I just bought a new PSU, A Toughpower RGB grand Sync edition.  It has what looks like a black Riing fan in it.  would like the new fans to match that style. 

I do NOT have a sync mother board yet, still using an older Gigabyte Z77 board...  But probably in the next year or two will upgrade to a new Gigabyte board with RGB Fusion.  

It seems that Thermaltake only sells four fans that are Sync compatible,  And of those only the 120mm fans are the same style(black inner with ring light).   That kinda limits my decision of 12 vs 14 fans...   But bigger issue is they only seem to sell them in three packs.  With the P5 decision seems to be three 140's or 4 120's.   Neither option seems to be achievable without buying extra fans to sit around. And 140mm sync fans don't seem to be available.  

Is there a good option here? 


After I buy the sync fans,   I think my PSU plans to just plug into the M/B.   What is the deal with the SYNC controller?  is that still needed, or does the M/b take care of all the fans at that point? 




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