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Rgb lighting


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So your case wants a 5v digital rgb signal that consisting of 5v+, data and ground. Now your motherboard has 2 non-digital rgb headers that consist of 12v+, green, red and blue.  So you motherboard is not compatible with the rgb of that case and if you try and connect them anyways you will fry some stuff. Now that being said you can buy a adapter to make them work with your motherboard however they will only display a single color.

The adapter that i know of that would allow you to do this is called a DEEP COOL RGB Convertor. 
Here is a amazon link to that in the https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QPYSC82

again that will only display a single color. 


Now that being said I dont know what connecter the fans in that case have. If they have the standard rgb plus connector then you could get a rgb/riing plus controller and use the rgb plus software. but this will make the rgb controls build into the case useless.

diagram of rgb headers from mobo manual 

diagram of rgb connectors from case manual



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