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Fans spinning up and down erratically

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Hi everyone.

Set up a new PC using a TT Floe RGB 360 premium (AiO) and a pack of rgb ring trios. For the first two months they cycled up and down normally never at excessive speeds. Recently however the AIO fans in particular are going mad spinning to almost max speed then down again every second or two and is extremely annoying.  At times the rgb ring trios also do the same. Both use separate controllers.

Cpu temperature wise it hovers between 55 to 60ish when running games. Bios fan speeds have not been messed with. I tried setting a constant speed in the TT RGB app but for some reason it has no effect.

Here are my basic specs. Would appreciate some advice as I'm not particularly savvy with these things and I really just want it to stop and go back to normal. Thanks in advanced

Ryzen 3900x

MSI carbon gaming pro wifi

16GB corsair dominator's

Rtx 2080ti.

Windows 10 64bit


Also FYI I have an identical system setup up at the same time with none of these issues to date.


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