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Have you overclocked your screen before?

Tt Andy

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Over clocking your screen means pushing the refresh rate (hertz) past it's stock value. If your screen has a stock rate of 60 hertz, pushing it to 75 would be overclocking it. It can usually only be done in the control panel of your video card, if your GPU has the option. My one I can't get past its stock of 60, my other I can push to 75, but I leave it at 60, I'll get higher hertz screens later on.

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I would love to get a 144mhz monitor but i think it only comes in TN (correct me if im wrong) and i really like the viewing angles for IPS :D


I've not heard many good things about overclocking screens so I haven't tried. Good Ol' 60hz doing the trick for me for now! Would love to try a 120/144 but I know as soon as I do there will be no going back so holding off a bit lol

Well from 60 to 70 can i tell the extra 10fps? NOPE haha

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